My name is Klaudia, I'm 28 and I come from Poland. Since I discovered computer graphics when I was a kid it became my biggest passion. Photo editing, enchancing and retouching are fields I'm involved the most. Every picture I'm working on I treat individualy. With patience I'm trying to make the best of it, til every inch doesn't need any more attention and it feels just right. Over the years I learned a lot and I still have a great pleasure from discovering more about retouch. One of my main goals in life is to master this profession.

Most skills I gained by learning on my own. However I was attending technical school with computer graphics as specialization. Later I studied photography in advertising school. Both of them gave me some directions which led me to the path I'm walking today. I had some great teachers to whom I'm greatful for the quality knowledge and inspiration they passed. I also have around 5 years of experience as computer graphic, of which 4 strictly as retoucher. I hope to develop on this level further and to realise my dreams associated with this career choice. Currently I'm working at Roco Clothing - the online fashion store which offers formal clothes for children.

From variety of intrests I have, the second most important for me is photography itself. I can't imagine my life without a camera. It's just like an eye extension. Nature is my number one topic but I try different things from time to time. Digital art is another of my favourite hobbies. Just to mention a few more I also enjoy playing computer games, journaling, cooking, gardening, art in general, lucid dreaming, ornitology, anime and cartoons. And cats. Everything about them. I could spend all day just by looking at those cute creatures =^.^=

I'm always looking for new oppurtunieties to achieve the expertise in retouch. If you would like to work with me please check out the contact section.

Curriculum Vitae - download